Monday, October 29, 2018

Shared Ministry #1

I was reminded by a new relationship that I need to post to this BLOG.  In September of this year St John began what is called a Shared Ministry with St Peter Lutheran Church.  I am now pastoring St John, Angleton and St Peter, Bay City.  It is a 3/4 and 1/4 split in duties, but the hope is that this "sharing" will give time for St Peter to develop future ministry opportunities.  In November, we will be meeting with a representative from Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque, IA.  Dr Charlene Ruchuy Cox, the director of Contextual Education (Intern Education) will be meeting with us in Galveston.  She will be sharing with us a new program that will make St Peter a teaching congregation.  I am still not sure what it means to be a "Teaching Congregation", but I will learn just as St Peter will be learning.  God has a plan and we will journey together in faith.